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Sunny side up: Thankful Thursday #1

April 1, 2010

1. It’s International Children’s Book Day tomorrow.  I’ve spent a lot of time this week thinking about how important the connection between children and books is, and how empowering that connection can be. I’m grateful for so many things related to this day!

Imagination is, and has always been, hugely important to me. I can’t imagine childhood without it, and this is a large part of why I am so interested in projects that provide children in developing countries with books. I spent a large chunk of my childhood off in my own little imaginary world of spies and aliens (I was an alien named Gunoo from Candyland Mars, which is right next to the Mars we all know, but it is a planet made of chocolate bars). Stories were such an important part of my daily life, and I am grateful that my life was carefree and stable enough to allow that. I am thankful for the worlds that books invited me into, and for the worlds they inspired in my own imagination.

I was lucky enough to grow up in a house full of books, with parents who read to me often. There are so many books from my childhood that I still adore. Franklin in the Dark was a favourite for a long time (the polar bear who is afraid of the cold is my favourite!), but the book I remember most vividly is The Name of the Tree. (It is fitting, I realize now, that this book was set in Africa.)  What was your favourite book as a child?

[picapp align=”right” wrap=”false” link=”term=easter+eggs&iid=8311038″ src=”d/c/9/5/Sorbians_Prepare_For_9aa7.jpg?adImageId=12001977&imageId=8311038″ width=”380″ height=”253″ /]2. Easter weekend! I am a person who loves traditions. As a kid, Easter meant the candlelight vigil at my church (this was particularly exciting because we each got a little candle to hold), my mom’s ham and scalloped potatoes for dinner, and an Easter egg hunt on Sunday morning using the woven basket I still have at my parent’s house. In university, I attended the sunrise service at the campus chapel, followed by a delicious (and free!) breakfast, and usually an afternoon spent eating the chocolate my parents sent me while studying for exams. For the past few years Easter has been completely different each year. This year, my parents are coming to town for the weekend (I don’t see them nearly as often as I’d like) and my family is gathering for dinner on Sunday. This year, that’s enough.

3. Script Frenzy is kicking off today, reminding me to stay motivated, keep writing, and be creative.

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