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These Shoes Were Made for Walking: Thankful Thursday #2

April 8, 2010

1. Today was TOMS Shoes’ Day Without Shoes in recognition of those who spend their daily lives without shoes.

I spent the day thinking about the kids I met in Kenya last summer who do not own a pair of shoes. They were some of the happiest kids I’ve ever met, but it was incredibly difficult to watch them walking barefoot next to me over sharp rocks and thorns. I am so grateful that this is not something I need to worry about, but that it’s something that I’ve been exposed to first hand. It makes me want to collect shoes and send them over to Kenya.  

2. A little while ago at the spring One of a Kind show I bought this Foxy Originals Wearable Words necklace, with the words peace on earth.  It is such a simple (and pretty!) way to spread a message that’s important to me.

3. TED Talks are one of my very favourite things. This week as the Toronto (Mob)ilizers gear up for a month of campaigns and events promoting awareness about hunger issues and sustainability, I’ve been watching this video to stay motivated:


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