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Thankful Thursday #4: Earth Day Edition!

April 22, 2010

Dear Earth,

You’re very pretty. Except when we destroy your trees and fields to build concrete streets and towers, litter you with garbage, and fill your lakes with toxins. We have even carelessly polluted the air that we breathe. I am so sorry that we haven’t taken better care of you.

In celebration of your big day, I made sure to have a super-short shower (something I’ve been trying to do as often as possible since my trip to Ecuador), and I ate lots of fruits and veggies in your honour. If my bike weren’t miles and miles away in Ottawa, I would have ridden it to work instead of taking the bus.

I miss spending time with you outside of the big cities we have destroyed you to create. Camping trips and canoe trips are some of my favourite memories. As I explore, I am always so amazed at how diverse you are. Even within my own country, we are lucky to have mountains and freshwater lakes and prairies and oceans and icebergs. I spent a week on the US-Mexico border last summer, and even though I was only there for a few days, it is the most beautiful place I’ve seen. I miss the mountains of Ecuador–I love how quickly and often the weather would change, dazzling sunshine one minute, a cloud drifting right past you the next. I miss the wide-open space of Kenya, where I felt like I could breathe more freely than anywhere else.

I am scared that if we don’t do something to help you soon–if people don’t realize how crucial taking action really is–we will lose everything I love about you. I promise to do what I can to help you!



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