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Sing until morning: Wool and Howl’s “Shining Through”

September 13, 2010

I was going to make this post a few days ago, but I made myself wait because this is such a lovely Monday song. “Shining Through” is so beautiful and rich and warm. Luke’s voice, the melody, the little bits of harmonization (I could write an essay on why I adore harmonization), the lyrics, that tiny bit of piano at the end… Oooh, and the xylophone! How can you hear a xylophone and not feel happy? (I might be biased: I have a playlist in my iTunes called X is for Xylophone that consists solely of songs containing xylophone. True story.)

There are so many things I love about this video. I think I appreciate Shining Through here in a different way than I would if I were simply listening to an mp3. The video lends the song such a vivid and compelling atmosphere. Can you call it cinematography if this is a live studio recording of a song and not a film? Well, I’m going to, because this video is just that gorgeous: I love the cinematography. Everything from the lighting to the way the camera softly fades in and out of focus is stunning.

The set design/studio is so perfect for this video. Twinkly strings of lights are one of my favourite things – they make me feel the same way that the xylophone does – so I was so glad to see those here. The colours are so rich – so much red, little touches of aqua, the hint of purple inside the harmonium – and the lighting is so soft and dream-like. It’s so cozy. Maybe it’s the bookcase in the background and all the lamplight, but it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a video that makes me this warm and nostalgic. Nostalgic for a lot of surprising and surprisingly different things: the magic of watching afternoon thunderstorms at the cottage, your hair still wet from swimming in the lake; the very moment you step inside after tobogganing, the smell of dinner cooking and the heat pulling you in; slowly wandering home from the bar in a tiny east coast town in the middle of a late summer night with your best friend; the creeping cold and stunning warmth of campfires.

Oh, this song is so easy to listen to on repeat.

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