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What’s Next?: Thankful Thursday #15

October 21, 2010

I’ve had one of those weeks where almost everything in my life feels…off. This doesn’t happen to me very often, so when it does I tend to feel like I’ve been knocked off my feet. It’s an unsettling feeling, and one that makes me want to book a flight and go volunteer in an orphanage somewhere.

Since that’s not an option right now, I found myself re-reading an article written by the amazing actor Richard Schiff (The West Wing) in 2008, just days after President Obama was elected. It’s an article about looking to the next opportunity – not dwelling on our failures, but instead using them to push us forward into the next challenge.

Perhaps those laws of physics come in handy from time to time. What goes up must come down. And what goes so far down has that kinetic possibility to break new boundaries as it bounces back up.

I have a tendency to get stuck inside my own head, and I needed this article to force me to look outside myself – to look to what’s next.

(I am so thankful, also, to the friends who sent me messages or emails or just listened this week – whether they realized how much I needed them or not.)

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