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This One’s For Believing: Thankful Thursday #18

November 18, 2010

My parents recently found the autobiography I wrote in the fourth grade while emptying the bookshelves in their living room. It’s pretty funny stuff. (From the “Opinions and Beliefs” section: “I think Yoshi is a cool character. I think my birthday is in the right season. I think fish taste disgusting.” Yeah, I’m sure that’s what my teacher meant…)

But there’s also nothing like seeing the world from the eyes of your nine-year-old self to give you a little perspective. For example: Happiness is eating chocolate cake. Friendship is being nice to the world, like sharing. Love is the world. Even if most of these statements don’t actually make sense, reading the things I believed so many years ago makes me nostalgic for a  time when I could write these statements as absolutes; a time when my ideas and hopes and dreams weren’t help back by logic or borders or politics or fear. How do we live in a world where the more we learn, the darker the world seems? I want to live in the world I inhabited as a nine-year-old. Call it idealistic or simple if you want, but that’s something I will fight for.

This caption is brought to you by Chapter 8: "This is me eating chocolate cake!!!"


This week – the week leading up to Universal Children’s Day on November 20th – I am trying to live the way I did in the fourth grade. I’m eating lots of dessert (and in some cases eating dinner backwards – dessert first. Shhh.), dreaming big (yeah, you heard me, life. Get ready for some changes.), going on adventures, and making time for the small things that make me happy. If you want to go play on a jungle gym with me, let me know. Seriously. Name the park and the time and I’ll be there with my rain boots on.

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  1. Brittany permalink
    November 19, 2010 12:40 PM

    I just went to the playground a couple weekends ago! Total blast. If I were there, I’d go with you 🙂

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