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Change is near: Thankful Thursday #20

December 2, 2010

1. Last night I attended Wool and Howl‘s Winter City Appreciation Celebration, a night to show our appreciation for a dear friend as he performed with the band for the last time before he leaves to work in the slums of Calcutta. I’ve learned over the past month that saying goodbye is near impossible, so you won’t see any attempt of that here. (It’s not goodbye, anyway, a stubborn voice in my head insists.) Instead, I can’t help being amazed and comforted by the energy in the room last night. I was reminded of a song by Brooke Fraser called Coachella. It’s a song about the annual music festival, but the lyrics rang true nonetheless: Come on now darling, let’s shake off these blues /And we are daughters, sons, brothers and sisters tonight/And I love you though I’d never met you before

Watching family, friends, and strangers come together for a shared cause – to dance, sing and clap along once more with our friend – was wonderful and inspiring. I felt surrounded by friends even though I doubt I’ll ever meet the majority of the people who were present.

2.  Tomorrow is the official launch of the Me to We Store. Oh my goodness, it’s almost everything I love about Me to We in one place! Me to We has opened a physical store where you can now buy their socially conscious products (books, clothing, jewelry, etc), learn more about their volunteer trips to developing countries, and get to know Me to We team members. I think my favourite part of the store is going to be their Me to We Artisans products –  jewelry and accessories handcrafted by artisans in Free the Children communities all over the world. Me to We Artisans already has a special place in my heart: On my trip to Kenya with Free the Children in 2009, I received a bracelet made by a mama and it is one of my most prized possessions. I’m so glad that I’ll be able to give a small piece of a place that changed me to my family and friends, and that in doing so I’m supporting not only a cause and a country that mean so much to me, but also an individual’s work.


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