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Start giving: Thankful Thursday #21

December 10, 2010

This is one of those days when three seemingly unrelated things have made me wonder: how is the world such a mess when there is this much compassion and hope?


I want to write down everything that Narayanan Krishnan says. The love and affection which you show will give them mental nutrition...Everybody has got 5.5 litres of blood. I am just a human being. For me, everybody is the same…There are thousands and thousands and lots and lots of people suffering. What is the ultimate purpose of life? It’s to give. Start giving. See the joy of giving.

How beautiful would the world be if we all thought this way? (I don’t think the word stunning would be sufficient to describe the acts of kindness we would see.)


I found this scrap of paper on my bedside table this morning. It’s a lyric from Joe Opatowski’s Me to We song. I want to live in the world that Joe imagined – the world that Joe’s legacy is creating.


There is a lyric in this song that I’ve become obsessed with: now that I have seen, I am responsible. The most important part of the travelling I’ve done is not the things I’ve seen, but the act of sharing those things. With you and you and yes, you, too. I fiercely believe that we are built to care and I have faith that this is true: if you knew the stories and the names of the forgotten, the ignored and the helpless, you would want need to do something, too. And so I will tell the world in whatever way I can, no matter how small.

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