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And you are not alone in this: Thankful Thursday #26

March 3, 2011

It’s the most magical thing. It pulls you out of yourself, and if only for a moment you look around, you offer something back, you create, you connect. This week I’m thankful for creativity.

1. From the rooftop of a hospital in Calcutta at sunrise, a friend, a beautiful cover:


2. This month I’m participating in March My Words: 31 days, 31 pictures, 31 words. I’m hoping that taking a picture every day will get me back into the habit of being creative on a daily basis. I keep getting caught on the line I had a dream we were nothing more than caught up in our own lives from Blind Pilot’s Two Towns From Me, and I worry that I’m being too self-centered. I hope this photo project will force me to look outside myself every day and take notice.

3.  Check out Le Petit Sourire: Create. Build Schools. Repeat. A dear friend of mine is making beautiful handmade jewelry, scarves, stationery, and knitted hats. The best part? 60% of the profits are donated to build schools overseas. Every purchase will help educate children and lift them out of the cycle of poverty. I’m so inspired that she’s using her gifts to give a gift back to the world. (Link)     View more               Adrianne Palicki Sound Clips and        Tyra Collette Sound Clips
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