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The Winter Emergency List: Thankful Thursday #27

April 7, 2011

I have a notebook full of lists: songs for a rainy day, places I want to live, names for a kitten, characters I wish I had created, and on and on. Last week, as I stared out the bus window at what seemed to be slush falling from the sky, I remembered another list that I have been meaning to write since mid-January: the emergency list. It sounds ominous, I know, but I promise it’s not!

I stumbled across this idea in two places last winter, and fell in love. Basically, it’s that list of wonderful things that gets you through the winter. I know what you’re thinking: it’s April, Jen, winter is over. Well, okay. I almost agree with you, except that every time I say that it’s spring, it snows the next day. I don’t want to jinx it.

So here’s my list. It may be a little bit late, but that just makes it a nice way to start spring:

1. Pulling out my Dad’s old film camera on the walk home and freezing my hands just to take a picture of the falling snow/rain, sewing a loop of pretty fabric to make a new scarf, jotting down a few ideas during my commute – whatever form it takes, and even it’s just a few minutes a week, I’ve started to make time for creativity.

2. The little things: tea with good friends, watching the first fifteen minutes of Up, bright nail polish, a much-needed girls night, pajama bottoms and a cozy sweater, a bubble bath, curling up with hot chocolate and a good book. My new favourite: making dinner plans for Monday night. You’re tricked into forgetting that it’s only the beginning of the week!

3. Finding hope in unexpected places, in unexpected forms. This is my latest discovery:

4. Messages to and from friends in faraway places. There’s nothing like waking up to an update from a friend who gets to wear rain boots or (gasp!) sandals year-round (even though I’m jealous, the reminder that there’s somewhere in the world that isn’t buried in snow is surprisingly nice). To make myself write more letters, I’ve started making my own postcards out of old photographs (bonus: see #1!).

What’s on your winter emergency list? Please share!  I want to steal your ideas and delight in their wonderfulness.

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