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Thankful Thursday

September 29, 2011

This week I’m thankful for…

1. Public speaking! (I know what you’re thinking: “Public speaking? Jen?…I must be reading the wrong blog.”) On Saturday I gave my maid of honour speech at my sister’s wedding, and even though I was so nervous that I saved my dinner for afterwards, it was actually…fun. I KNOW. I’m shocked too.

But here’s the thing: I shouldn’t be shocked. Because two years ago, I gave a speech about my experiences volunteering overseas that I’m still proud of today. So somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew. I knew that if you have that one thing, that one secret ingredient, public speaking can actually be a really rewarding experience.

Two years ago, I wasn’t sure what that thing—that secret ingredient—was. The fact that I was sitting next to DVDs of The West Wing—hands down the best speeches on television—while I was writing? Maybe. That inimitable, calming setting? That probably helped. (If you haven’t been to the desert in August—where you can sit outside a house that positively breathes with love and history—and watch the storm clouds rolling in, go. Go now.) The incredible facilitators who challenged and guided me? I’m sure all of those things played a part. But the thing that really made that speech something I can be proud of was my passion.

I had it that day in the desert, talking about my friends in Ecuador and Kenya and the things they taught me, and I think I must have had it on Saturday when I was telling everyone about growing up with my big sister. I’m so thankful for this reminder that when I’m scared, I just need to focus on my passion and my message, and they’ll shine through my fear.

2. Naps! Seriously, napping should not just be for the kindergarten-and-under set. My nap on Sunday afternoon when I got home from the wedding was quite possibly the best nap ever. (It must have been—I’m even blogging about it.) It would have won gold in the napping Olympics, it was that good. Whether in a bed, a hammock, or maybe even a blanket fort in the living room, I’m so very thankful for naps this week. (If you prefer that last option, I’m inviting myself to your place at naptime.)

3. Family! Family, family, family. Did you know that I’m a brother-in-law richer this week? It’s pretty great.



Photo of microphone from here. Photo of cat napping from here.


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  1. October 7, 2011 11:11 AM

    Um, I want that napping kitty.

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