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Thankful Thursday: Win & Régine

February 10, 2012

This story starts in an embarrassing place: until a few days ago my mother knew more about the members of Arcade Fire than I did.

(…..I know. No really, I KNOW. In all fairness, you should know that my mother’s knowledge of Arcade Fire is limited to one pretty spectacular-sounding radio interview she heard on the CBC.)

After my mother finally convinced me that Régine really is from Haiti, they really did take part in relief efforts after the earthquake, and I obviously needed to read everything about Arcade Fire I possibly could,  my roommate directed me toward this:

Win Butler and Régine Chassagne’s first date was also their first jam session… That night, in Butler’s apartment, the pair wrote “Headlights Look Like Diamonds,” which would eventually appear on Arcade Fire’s debut EP. “The countryside’s deserted / there’s no one on the farms,” Butler croons; perhaps not a terribly romantic tune, but when was the last time you composed a song on a first date?

-Drew Nelles, The Walrus

Maybe this is because it’s almost midnight, I’m exhausted, and I have a piano waiting in my parent’s living room for me to find a place of my own, but doesn’t that story kind of, a little bit, maybe make you believe in magic?


The full piece from The Walrus is here.


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